The efficient monitoring of water and wastewater will become increasingly important in the future. From industrial applications, such as drinking water production or wastewater treatment, to private households, our configurable solutions fit the bill.


In addition to the usual requirements of the industrial and energy market, the green energy market brings with it completely new perspectives and necessities for flexible meter communication and monitoring.


Gas plays an important role in industry, commerce and also as an energy supplier for private households. Gas is both an energy source and a raw material, and a smart and secure way of collecting and analyzing data is essential.


configurable - smart - future-oriented

DeMaS is a platform for the complete management of all* devices. The platform developed by Ritter Technologie GmbH for this purpose is completely manufacturer-independent. Whether you want to manage a few hundred or thousands of devices, with DeMaS you always have an overview!

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configurable - smart - future-oriented

Our focus is on electronic boards and software for data communication solutions for the green energy market. In particular, intelligent EV and solar electronics, remote terminal units for MV/LV substations and modems for meter communication.

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IT security is a very important cornerstone that is often neglected and can have catastrophic consequences. Ritter Technologie GmbH attaches great importance to a seamless security concept that grows with its requirements. We adhere to the MITRE / LIST recommendations and our security measures are regularly checked for security gaps by external specialists. Automatic tests are not only an important basis at the software level; where possible, the hardware is also automatically checked for irregularities.

  • Key and certificate management
  • Access control
  • Validation of configuration files
  • Firmware Security

The certification body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH certifies that Ritter Technologie GmbH meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2017.

This means that the infrastructure, software development and support departments all work according to fully certified workflows.

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The quality assurance of the basic project process at Ritter Technologie GmbH is not only certified by TÜV, but is also based on an optimized process for system and software development. Controlled by an integrated quality system (iQS), processes are fully integrated and based on Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Vulnerabilities and susceptibilities are systematically checked at every process step, keyword: CVE. Ritter Technologie GmbH uses the Scrum framework as a process model for project and product management, particularly for agile software development. It goes without saying that the documentation standards are met in every phase of the project. All aspects of our project process interface with the requirements of our partners, guaranteeing a smooth and optimized process across all projects. This is how we achieve a strong result with simple processes.